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Social Connections


Why They're Important

Evidence links social isolation and perceived lack of support to child maltreatment. Trusted and caring family and friends provide emotional support to parents by offering encouragement and assistance in facing the daily challenges of raising a family. Supportive adults in the family and the community can model alternative parenting styles and can serve as resources for parents when they need help. (Source:

How To Build Them

Some people are lucky enough to have a strong network of supportive friends and family who they can call if they need to talk, need a favor or want advice. For those who don't have such a network, the benefits of building one can not be over-stated. Reaching out to others to start a friendship isn't always easy, but opportunities exist for people with things in common to gather and mingle. Visiting a family resource center or community center, joining a faith group, taking a class and volunteering are all helpful strategies for connecting with others. Getting out into the community and getting involved can make a really big difference! Also, adults who are not raising kids can establish supportive relationships with those who are by offering to lend a helping hand, watch the children for a while, or drop off a pre-cooked meal.


  • Go to this resource library ( and try searching for keywords such as Community, Social, Group, Family Resource Centers, Assets. Or, check the events section for information on play groups, story hours, festivals, parent workshops or groups, and other activities that might interest you.
  • provides a volunteer opportunity database that lets users match their interests with available opportunities.
  • You can find a programs and services that enhance social connectedness by calling 2-1-1 for information and referral from a trained referral specialist. The service also can refer callers to services that can help overcome barriers to getting involved in the community, such as transportation or child care.

Family Enrichment Collaborative Programs and Services

Family Resource Centers provide gathering places for parents and their children. When parents come together at resource centers, they trade stories about parenting, give each other encouragement and recognize how common many parenting experiences are. Also, parent workshops and groups bring together people with common interests or who are facing similar challenges. Click to see all of FEC's programs and services.



    JUST A.S.K.

Dial 2-1-1 to connect with community resources to get what you need to become the parent you want to be:

Advice on building a close relationship with your child
Support systems that help you balance it all & reduce stress.
Knowledge about child development & parenting skills

    Family Centers

Bath Area Family
Resource Center

Room 81 at Vernon E. Wightman Primary School,
216 Maple Heights, Bath,
776-4123 x5650

Jennie Mose Family
Resource Center

14 South Street (Old Post Office,) Addison,

Nonnie Hood Parent
Resource Center

upper floor of the Southeast Steuben County Library,
300 Civic Center Plaza, Corning, 607-936-3837

Hornell Area Family
Resource Center
Hornell Intermediate School
71 Buffalo St.
Hornell, NY 14843
607-324-0014 x1741


nurturing relationships | knowledge & skills | emotional strengthsocial connectionscommunity supports
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