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About the Family Enrichment Collaborative


Build relationships and resources to create a culture of positive parenting and a continuum of family support services.


All families have access to the supports and opportunities they need to raise healthy children and be valued contributors to their community.

Guiding Principles

  • Every Family Matters
    o ALL families, ALL of the time, not some families, some of the time
    o Common needs, different levels of support through life phases
    o Universal access to a continuum of support
    o When ALL families are welcome, no family feels singled out or judged
  • Great parents are made not born
    o Dispel the myth that good parenting is something we should just know how to do
    o Cultivate a common understanding that GREAT parenting requires skills that can be learned
    o Promote the idea that using available community support is what good parents do
  • Safe children and healthy families are a shared responsibility
    o Parents have primary responsibility to protect and nurture their children
    o Their ability to do that well is grounded in a supportive community
  • Accentuate the positive
    o Family development, strength-based approach to direct service delivery
    o Increasing protective factors and other family attributes that reduce the risk and incidence of child abuse and neglect
      - Close, nurturing relationships
      - Parent knowledge
      - Parent coping ability
      - Parent support system
      - Community supports
  • Measure up!
    o Leading the development of common measures of community-wide impact
  • Partnerships are the way to do business
    o Partnerships with families and the broader community
    o Maximize resources
    o Develop or enhance programs
  • Sustained Energy + Sustained Investment = Sustainable change
    o A series of small efforts
    o Ongoing investment of human and financial resources


  • FRCs are a point of universal access to supports
  • Home visiting programs are a link between families and FRCs
  • Common outcomes measure combined impact of family support services
  • Advocacy efforts unified
  • School-community relationships strengthened
  • Supports promoted
  • Program capacity increased
  • Fathers engaged


Funded through Trust Fund for Children and Families, Steuben DSS and United Way of the Southern Tier

More Information

PowerPoint Overview - coming soon



    JUST A.S.K.

Dial 2-1-1 to connect with community resources to get what you need to become the parent you want to be:

Advice on building a close relationship with your child
Support systems that help you balance it all & reduce stress.
Knowledge about child development & parenting skills

    Family Centers

Bath Area Family
Resource Center

Room 81 at Vernon E. Wightman Primary School,
216 Maple Heights, Bath,
776-4123 x5650

Jennie Mose Family
Resource Center

Tuscarora Elementary School,
7 Cleveland Drive, Addison,

Nonnie Hood Parent
Resource Center

upper floor of the Southeast Steuben County Library,
300 Civic Center Plaza, Corning,

Hornell Area Family
Resource Center
Hornell Intermediate School
71 Buffalo St.
Hornell, NY 14843
607-324-0014 x1741


nurturing relationships | knowledge & skills | emotional strengthsocial connectionscommunity supports
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